Own It. Don't Rent It.

My Grooms Room is the ultimate destination for Grooms, providing the best menswear and an exceptional shopping experience at an affordable price! Our goal is to make your wedding day a memorable and joyful experience that you can remember for years to come.

We have a team of professionals that will take every little detail into consideration during the consultation, from the setting, to the theme, to the season to ensure that you choose the suit or tuxedo that best fits your needs.

The end result will be a wedding suit that will not only be comfortable and drape perfectly, but one that will carry with it a unique sense of your personality, as only a custom suit can.

Registration & Fittings

We recommend that the tuxedo & suit arrangements are made about 3 months prior to the wedding date to ensure that we select the garments that best fit you and your wedding. We can also accept any time frame due to our in-house tailor shop!

After the garments have been fitted and altered your consultant will schedule the pick up date, typically 2 to 5 days prior to the wedding. We strongly recommend that all member of the party try on their garments at the pick up time as final fitting to ensure that they are satisfied and no minor alterations need to be made.